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Control4 is a premium Home Entertainment & Automation solution offering full integration with your Home’s technology such as Alarm, CCTV, Door Entry, Entertainment, HVAC, Lighting & Shading systems, Control4 have an array of controllers from single room solutions through to controlling an entire mansion and with Airplay, Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify, My Music & Tune-in streaming services built-in into every processor along with audio and 4k video distribution products, Control4 really does have entertainment at the heart of every system.

The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is standard throughout all Control4 systems which limits certain elements of the GUI design in terms of icons and button, however this standardisation does not limit Control4’s capabilities in controlling your entire home, in fact Simplify my Home designed and completed a project which gave the occupants a “virtual butler” for whom they named Garvis and Garvis was responsible for

Automatically setting the Security alarm to Full set by knowing if the house is occupied or unoccupied, this was achieved by integrating the security system allowing Control4 to monitor the front door opening and closing, once the opened and then closed the system would look for any motion through the lighting and security PIRs, as well as monitoring user interaction button presses on light switches, remote controls or touchscreens for a 3 minute period, any human interaction would put the system into occupied mode and would cancel the alarm setting, if however during the 3 minutes no human interaction was detected then the speakers would announce “Garvis is preparing to set security system, please make Garvis aware of your presence”, this announcement was to allow for rare anomalies in the families movements such poorly occupants etc

Once Control4 is satisfied that the house is unoccupied it will set the alarm system, which will automatically perform the following functions

  • Send a gentle notification to both parents that the house alarm has been Fully Set, or in the rare occurrence of the alarm not setting, a more serious notification is sent to alert the customer to log in remotely to set the alarm manually.
  • Turn on the multiple “Geeve’s” iRobot vacuum cleaners throughout the property to vacuum all carpets
  • Turn off all TVs and music systems
  • Turn off all lights and activate night time occupancy mode which will simulate occupancy to deter would-be criminals
  • Turn all room set points to 17degree to avoid unnecessary heating costs
  • To monitor how many times the doorbell is pressed and will be notified to the home owners upon disarming the system “while you were out, you had xx visitors”

The alarm could also be set by holding the House Off button on the Lighting keypad by the front door or by pressing the AWAY button on the Touchscreen, these buttons would only set the alarm, un-setting of the alarm required direct entry of the password through Touchscreens, Mobile devices or the Alarm keypad.
If the alarm is activated the following happens

  • All lights in the property turn on and all light switches are deactivated so lights remain on
  • The music system turns on throughout the entire house at maximum volume and all entertainment controls are disabled
  • An emergency notification is sent to the home owner alerting them of the alarm sounding.
  • An email is sent to the owners showing a snapshot of the CCTVs at the time of alarm activation

Control4 is a perfect system for clients who want to add cost effective control over the homes technology, is happy with some minor limitations, for a totally customisable system please see AMX or Crestron

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