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Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes

Seminar Details

  • To educate design professionals about the benefits and process involved in custom installation
  • To help build vocabulary and remove the mystery of technology
  • To enable delegates to understand the benefits of preparing a home for technology
  • To enable delegates to find out what is possible:How far can customisation go?
  • Discover some simple tips
  • Find out where to go to and what to ask.

Learing aims

A knowledge and understanding of smart home technology and how to incorporate this when specifying to clients.

Also Available

  • ‘Home Technology Guide for Architects’ brochure
  • CPD Handout
  • Website
  • CEDIA Recommended Wiring Guidelines.


45 minutes.


Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association(CEDIA)
Unit 2, Phoenix Park
St Neots
PE19 8EP
Company Contact details
T +44 (0)1480 213744
F +44 (0)1480 213469
E hannahd@cedia.co.uk
CPD Contact details
Hannah Dixon
T +44 (0) 1480 213744
E hannahd@cedia.co.uk
Regions covered
Eastern, London, North East,North West, Scotland, South East,South West, Ulster, Wales, West Midlands
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